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Apply to educate young students on computer science. Any student from middle school to college is able to be an instructor upon completion of this application. We recommend typing your answers into a document and then copy-and-paste them into this form.
As a Codology instructor, I pledge to be kind, patient, helpful, appropriate, and respectful to all parties involved in Codology, including but not limited to: students, parents, and staff. I realize that each student learns and adapts in different ways, and may come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. I will be respectful and aware of each student’s educational needs and understand their circumstances. I also pledge to be on-time and engaging during program sessions –– I will try my best to foster a passionate, driven, fun educational environment in every session and build tight-knit bonds with students. I will also work closely and communicate with Codology staff and parents to receive valuable feedback. I will be responsive to any and all communication (emails, messages, etc.), along with dedicating time outside of sessions to answer any questions from parents or students. I will try my best to help students succeed, and realize that their project outcomes, skill development, and engagement are a reflection of my teaching. As an instructor who is working with a nonprofit organization, I am aware that I can log service hours for my teaching sessions. However, I understand that any dishonesty and lying while logging service hours can lead to serious consequences. I am also cognizant that this dishonesty policy applies to every part of being an instructor –– any dishonesty will result in consequences. As a Codology instructor, I understand that I will NOT be being paid or receive any monetary compensation –– instruction is completely voluntary.

Moreover, I will instruct students in a suitable, appropriate, and engaging manner and be cognizant of age and other socioeconomic factors. I will NEVER engage in any inappropriate or egregious behavior, including, but not limited to: physical, emotional, and/or cyber bullying. I am also aware that any inappropriate actions will lead to instant dismissal from Codology and have other serious consequences. Extreme cases of inappropriate misconduct may lead to legal action. I also agree to indemnify and hold Codology harmless from any and all legal claims and actions.
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